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Bike maintentance 101

Hello Everyone! My name is Freddie. I'm Enthusiastic to give this class about bike maintenance because my Utopia would be to live in a world or a place where bicycles would be the preferred choice of transportation. the goal of this class is individual empowerment through the freedom of cycling. My intent includes encouraging environmentalism through cycling and keeping your bike well tuned to enjoy life more. I look forward to see my friends; making new friends; and increasing the cyclist community. This class will include being informed about local cyclist resources and communities; questions answered about cycling essentials such as how to choose a bike that will be the right fit for the environment that you will be cycling in. We will discuss bike multi-tools and why every cyclist should own a few bike tools. Owning a multi bike tool will lower your cycling expenses so this class will be a intensive class on how to use a multi-tool and other tools and will help in determining what may be causing your bicycle not to be at peak performance. Please bring your bike ( and a multi-tool ) for this hands-on tutorial class.