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“From non-complicity to transformative action: how self determination and accountability serve to address political urgency and systemic forms of injustice.”

This class is an invitation to collectively reflect on the principles of Critical Pedagogy (a form of education that challenges dominant structures in the aim of transforming society), and to devise together group mechanisms that can allow us to address the systemic practices that continue to perpetuate inaccessibility and injustice in shared spaces of education and culture.

Some of the issues we can discuss and actively work upon:

- The implementation of collective policies, like community agreements and safer spaces policies

- The development of ‘sensitivity training’ in group projects or institutions that are open to a diverse public

- How to facilitate an ongoing conversation on privilege and dominant identities

- The creation of multiple forms of feedback, accountability and participation mechanisms; so as to constantly de-centralize power and give agency to all participants to affect organizational structures, group objetives and practical procedures.

- How to shift from a culture of moral non-complicity (“This project is not racist”) to the ethics of engagement in transformation (“This project is actively involved in resisting and presenting an alternative to the dominant systems of oppression”).

All participants are invited to share readings and examples from personal experience, facilitate the discussion of certain topics and shape the overall objetives of the class.