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People's Kitchen: Sister's Cuisine

Catered Dinner by Sister's Cuisine!

This meal is for all, but we ask for a $Suggested Donation 20-25 Kr$ to recoup food costs and put towards a donation for Trampoline House.

Sister's Cuisine is a catering Service run by women from Trampoline House: Copenhagen Refugee Community. Some of us are seeking asylum in Denmark of have refugee status here, some of us are living in Denmark temporarily or were born here.

Sister's Cuisine offers catering to private parties and social events, tailoring the menu to your wishes. We make healthy, affordable food from all over the world, influenced by our diverse places of origin, such as Morocco, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Italy, Denmark and Pakistan.

To arrange a booking for your own event, email Sister's Cuisine at:

Telephone: +45 71 62 73 66