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Make-Believe, Or, How Roleplaying Games Can Make You A Better Person

Tabletop roleplaying games aren't all dragonslaying and figuring out damage modifiers - they can also be a way for us to imagine new realities, utopic as well as dystopic, and to temporarily inhabit the lives of people who are different from us. In this class we will sit down and play some small, new indie tabletop games designed to make us explore questions about ourselves and the world around us, and hopefully create something more surprising, compelling and beautiful together than either of us could have on our own. No prior roleplay experience required.

NB: generally, each class will only have room for 3 people, since we'll be playing a game together. Write an e-mail to if you want to participate on either of the dates, and maybe we'll add more dates if a lot of people are interested. You can also just try to show up and see what happens, but if you wanna be assured a spot, write me an e-mail. if you have any games in particular that you're eager to play, you can write that too.

Possible games include Microscope, in which we create a decades-spanning history together in a non-chronological order, Dog Eat Dog, in which we explore issues of colonialism through the eyes of colonized islanders in the 17th century, Monsterhearts, in which we explore issues of gender and social control by playing teenage monsters attending an American high school, and Apocalypse World, in which we create our own apocalypse and play to find out what happens to a community trying to hang on to their humanity.

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