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FUKK Exam: The Collective Animal

“The Collective animal” was born for a performance that premiered at ‘Den Frie’ gallery. The Collective Animal is an animal made of 7 individual bodies that through the merging - facilitated by stretchy fabric - becomes one. Through this merger of bodies we hope to experiment with and come closer to Utopia. FUKK wishes to invites you to become the Collective Animal to experience the utopic nature of the creative and collective process.

FUKK (Forenede Uafhængige Københavnske Kunstnere – or United Independent Copenhagen Artists) is a self-organized art school run by its members, which was formed in 2011 from a desire to create an independent alternative to established art institutions and academies.

FUKK’s workshop at Utopia School will explore the process of learning collectively. The workshop will draw participants into an experimental examination setting where they will be guided to work together in a creative and expressive process. Collectively participants will examine the benefits and discomforts of working as a group – both from the theoretical and the physical perspectives.

The workshop will draw upon working methods of FUKK as well as its most recent performance piece: The Collective Animal. The piece premiered at ‘Den Frie’ gallery in Copenhagen early June 2016. The Animal itself is a “skin” of sorts, into which individual artists are joined in their physicality and limited in their movement. Through the merging of bodies and personalities participants will experience first-hand the collaborative creative process.