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Performing Utopias

“Typically, theatre transports the audience to a reality apart from the everyday; radical street performance strives to transport everyday reality to something more ideal.” – Jan Cohen-Cruz (Radical Street Performance, 1998)

During the sixties and seventies, many artists experimented with new expressive and social forms that blurred the boundaries between art and life. Solvognen (Chariot of the Sun), an action theatre collective active between 1969–1983, became an integrated component of Christiania when many of the troupe’s members moved to the Freetown – also marking the beginning of their political action theatre. Action theatre can be seen as a development of Happenings in the sixties and involves an intervention in an already established situation to challenge accepted social, cultural or political notions. Solvognen established an alternative to institutionalized theatre by adopting a co-operative group work model and performed on the streets as well as in other common everyday places.

The troupe wanted to create political action theatre using humour and forms of peaceful protests embedded within an anarchist ethos, not unlike other radical groups at that time such as the San Francisco's Diggers or Amsterdam’s Provo, for example who also explored the notion of free exchange and social critique through provocative actions. This session will present some of Solvognen’s work in relation to other collectives at that time, investigating how these utopian forms continue to resonate in socially engaged art practices today.

We will end this session with a few short collective theatre exercises and an art action as a way to materialize our shared thinking and discussion.

Facilitated by Tina Carlisi

Phone: +45 71 62 73 66